Meet the Board & Staff of the Jewish Federation!


The Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley is run by a team of Staff and Community Volunteers who focus on preserving and helping our Jewish community. 


Jewish Federation Staff
Ben Davis, Executive Director
Emily Benedix, Communications Associate & Web Editor
Karen Dwyer, Office Manager & Editor for Our Community News
Lizzie Fagen, Jewish Family Services Director
Bob Feferman, CRC Director
Samara Gold, Kitchen Associate
Joseph Havens, Custodian

Rowan Kelley, Youth and Family Program Director / Jewish Family Service Associate
Nancy Kennedy, Jewish Family Services Associate
Efrat Naor, Israeli Shlicha (Israeli Emissary)
Monika Wayne, Adult Program Director

Meet the Board


Each year brings fresh challenges and new opportunities. Working as a whole and utilizing our talents, we strive to serve our community - both here and in Israel. This year we are involved in coordinated fund raising, community-wide programming, family and community services, and educational activities for every stage in life.

Officers Board of Directors
Terry Feldbaum, President Jamie Brooks
David Ravitch, President Elect David Cangany
Cristyne Porile, Vice President Chelly Freel
Lisa Lerman, Vice President Bill Lopatin
Bonny Hoover, Secretary Sarah Lotter
Michael Kirsch, Treasurer Mona Medow
Mitchell Wayne, Immediate Past President Megan New
  Yehuda Seligson
  Alon Shemesh
  Sorah Stein

Offices Housed at the Jewish Federation


Michiana Jewish Historical Society
Maggie Goldberg, Executive Director

Hebrew Orthodox Cemetery Association
Tammie Blackman Brown, Superintendent



3202 Shalom Way
South Bend, IN 46615

tel: (574) 233-1164
fax: (574) 288-4103


Office Hours

Monday through Thursday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm  

Friday  9:00 am - 5:00 pm Daylight Savings Time
            9:00 am - 3:00 PM Standard Time  

Closed Saturdays, Sundays, as well as all federal and some Jewish holidays except by special appointment.