Community Relations


Maintaining strong, healthy relationships within the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. We seek to help people in Michiana remain aware and engaged in issues that affect everyone.

Community Relations Committee

The purpose of the Community Relations Committee (CRC) of the Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley is to address the needs of our Jewish community and the larger Michiana community. Although our Jewish community includes members representing diverse points of view on religious and political issues, the CRC will find areas of common agreement to work together to address the most urgent needs of our community. Contact our chair, Bob Feferman with any questions or to get involved.


Israel Relations

The Jewish Federation is Michiana’s central resource for all things Israeli. From Israel travel information to cultural programs, community dialogues and innovative Michiana-Israel Partnerships, the Jewish Federation works to facilitate the dialogue between Israel and the Michiana Jewish Community with an emphasis on mutual respect and the belief that the future of the Jewish people is based on its ability to establish a direct relationship between its various communities around the world.


Holocaust Remembrance

Throughout the year, the Jewish Federation hosts educational events to honor and remember the six million children, women and men who died in the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Service, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the worldwide Holocaust Memorial Project Unto Every Person There is a Name, guest speakers that include Holocaust survivors and art exhibits featuring local families are a just a few ways that the Jewish Federation helps to personalize the tragedy of the Holocaust victims and survivors for the Michiana community.


The Jewish Federation has a resource library, including community members who are willing to share their personal and family stories of the Holocaust. Please contact Monika Wayne for more information.

The Jewish Federation is proud to partner with the Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). For more information on the JCRC  please visit their website by clicking the image below.