20 2017

Zumba Toning

9:15AM - 10:00AM  

Jewish Federation 3202 Shalom Way
South Bend, IN

Contact Monika Wayne
574-233-1164 ex 119


Zumba Toning
Thursdays, June 15-August 17  9:15—10:00 AM
No Class on June 8 and July 20.

Zumba Toning adds weighted toning sticks to Zumba. Toning sticks function like maracas and resistance weights and are filled with sand (1-pound weight). The toning sticks enhance a sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core, and lower body. Toning sticks help focus on specific muscle groups so you (and your muscles!) stay engaged. Toning sticks are not mandatory (no weights or other type of light hand-weights can be used).

Cost:     $60.— for 10-week course
    $95.— for 2 10-week courses
    $135.— for 3 10-week courses
    $6.— drop-in fee for 1 class
Payment is due at the first session of the 10-week course. 
Age Limit: 18 and older.

Registration and Waiver: Please RSVP by contacting Yolanda Suggs at 209-878-7477.   Each participant needs to fill out a registration form and a waiver during the first session. RSVP and registration are MANDATORY.

Other Important Information:  Please wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes to move easily. It is not necessary to purchase any equipment, however, toning sticks can be purchased at Walmart, or from www.zumba.com (here use the code dealfromyo for 10% off). Remember, Toning Sticks are not mandatory.  If you have questions, please call Zumba Yo 209-878-7477.  Bring a water bottle and hand towel. The Jewish Federation also has a vending machine with reasonably priced snacks and drinks.
Instructor Bio:  Yolanda Suggs is a licensed instructor in the following Zumba specialties: Kids Jr., Zumba Gold, Pro Skills, Gold Toning, circuit, Toning, and Core. Yolanda has been licensed since April 2014 and has taught in various locations. She also has hosted several Zumba-thons to replenish the food pantries in our area. In addition, Yolanda is a dancer for the African ballet group called UZIMA.