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Sinai Sisterhood: Author Presentation on The Story Keeper

Sunday, May 16, 2021
11:00 am12:00 pm
Sinai Sisterhood: Author Presentation on The Story Keeper

A Holocaust survivor born in Azerbaijan and an immigrant at seven years old to America who became a Chief Science Officer, his book has just been published: The book relates adversities he and his parents experienced while struggling to survive during WW2 across vast expanses of Soviet territory, to the uncertainties in displaced persons camps, and to the challenges faced in arriving in America in South Bend in 1949 as Holocaust survivors.

The memoir weaves stories within stories, of times within times, of loss of place and home, of danger and striving, of migration across vast distances, of always new beginnings. An epic tale, yet memoir, faced by one family, yet reminiscent of the stories of many displaced peoples today across the globe. The central theme of remembrance, of family and unbroken ties across generations, warms your heart and gives you hope that today’s broken world can still be put back together.

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