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The Federation is open for normal business hours. Due to COVID-19 all guests must wear a mask while in the building.


Michiana Jewish Film Festival

Our spring Film Festival will run virtually, May 10 - 13. Films will be available for streaming all three days.

Breaking Bread Film Poster

Breaking Bread 

Directed by Beth Elise Hawk, 2020
Not Rated
Length: 86 min
Country: Israel
Language: English & Hebrew w/English subtitles

Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel – the first Muslim Arab to win Israel’s MasterChef – founded the A-Sham Arabic Food Festival, where pairs of Arab and Jewish chefs collaborate on exotic dishes. A film about hope, synergy, and mouthwatering fare.

The Invisible Line: America’s Nazi Experiment Movie Poster

The Invisible Line: America’s Nazi Experiment

Directed by Emanuel Rotstein 2020
Not Rated
Length: 53 min
Country: Denmark, Germany, USA
Language: English

The documentary tells the story of The Third Wave, an experimental social movement created by history teacher Ron Jones in 1967 to explore how the German population could accept the actions of the Nazis. His daring social investigation succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, creating a fascist state on campus spiraling out of control.

Kiss Me Kosher Movie Poster

Kiss Me Kosher 

Directed by Shirel Peleg 2020
Mature Audiences
Country: Germany, Israel
Language: Arabic, English, German, Hebrew w/English subtitles

A love story between clashing cultures and their families, KISS ME KOSHER is a romantic misadventure crossing all borders. Upon meeting, their two families immediately collide over a shared historical past and the prospect of a combined future. Now it’s Shira’s fiercely independent, sardonic grandmother Berta’s turn to test the very limits of love, conflict and circumstances.

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto Movie Poster

A Starry Sky Above the Roman Ghetto 

Directed by Giulio Base 2020
Not Rated
Length: 100 min
Country: Italy
Language: Italian w/Eng subtitles

The discovery of a puzzling photograph sparks a student to probe the history of Rome’s Jewish ghetto and the fate of a little girl, in this Italian teen drama interlacing past and present. This talented ensemble injects youthful energy into this inspiring interfaith story about the importance of memory, coexistence and reconciling generational frictions.

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