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The office at the Jewish Federation will be closed on Wednesday, June 12 & Thursday, June 13 for Shavuot.

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Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley is the central resource to embrace, connect, and support Jews locally and globally through social services, coordinated fundraising, community outreach, educational programming. Learn more and get involved.



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Our Impact This Year

Because of your generosity our Federation has helped numerous members of our own community with meals, groceries, transportation, financial assistance and support and friendship. We are all blessed to be part of an incredibly loving and generous community.

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Get ready for a fun-filled Seder with our special “Passover Pack”! Perfect for the little ones, this kit includes a creative craft to make your own Seder plate, a playful bag of toys representing the ten plagues for interactive storytelling, and a charming kiddush cup just for kids.

The weekend I wrote this column, I was reading a book my mom of blessed memory gave me called Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean. The book is about how a generation of swashbuckling Jews carved out an empire in the New World in their quest for treasure, religious freedom, and revenge.

It was quite the read of an untold tale of Jewish valor and seafaring adventure during the Spanish Inquisition. The 17th century began with Jews outlawed in the New World and most of Europe, and it ended with our freedom.

Fast forward to today, I’m infused with a daring and adventurous buccaneering spirit to address the challenges in our New World. We are at a momentous time for our Jewish community. Our ability to plan our future will test both leadership and community in 2024. Sinai and Temple are discussing their respective futures—and in the coming weeks, I’m hopeful their conversation to discuss options and opportunities will expand to include the Federation.

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