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The Federation is open for normal business hours. Due to COVID-19 all guests must wear a mask while in the building.

What We Do—


The Jewish Federation prides itself on our commitment to continued education and Jewish experiences for everyone regardless of financial ability. With the support of our generous donors we offer many scholarship opportunities.

University, College, and Technical Scholarships

The Kapson Scholarship

Helps Jewish students from our area attend a university, college or technical institute in Indiana. The purpose of this fund is to support applicants that demonstrate personal motivation, character, and ability to overcome challenges leading to success and personal growth outside the realm of academics.

The Lillian and Harvey Roland Scholarship

Serves the purpose of providing higher education scholarships to college students of parents who are members of the Jewish Federation. This Scholarship will be awarded to applicants attending Indiana University.

Advanced Degree Scholarship

Neil and Leah Silver Advanced Degree Scholarship

This fund provides financial support  for Jewish students from our service area to attend an accredited university graduate program.

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