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Minute with Moshe: Your Presence is Requested at our Annual Meeting

At the lightning-like pace of a world in constant flux, the past two years have assured us of one thing – the future is hard to predict.

Even with deliberate and informed community input, knowing what’s on the horizon and being prepared for it, is tricky work. But, as farmers will tell you, there are things we can do.

Farmers plan for the future by plant­ing seeds. The harvest? It’s for all of us – everyone reaps the reward of a bountiful harvest.

Please join us for the Federation’s Annual Meeting on Thursday eve­ning, June 16 so that we too can plant seeds. The harvest of our work will be a healthy, vibrant and more connected Jewish ecosystem.

More connected? Yes, we can be more connected.

Like the much talked about digital divide in our country, there can also be a religious divide – a divide even amongst ourselves in this modest midwestern community.

But here, there is so much promise. Here, we can hold fast to our shared traditions and practices – our beliefs and our values, and build a stronger, more connected Jewish community at the same time.

The work of building community is more than a preference. It’s a plan. A plan that makes us stronger, keeps us safer and ensures a bright future for everyone who lives and works here.

Planning for a more connected Jewish ecosystem, plants seeds of resilience against the headwinds of an uncertain future. And in our An­nual Meeting on the 16th, I will talk about resilience. I will talk about agility. And I will talk of planting seeds for the future.

Today, we’re all witness to alarming global trends. Violence and exodus appear to be normalized. And the impact of changing demographics in our own community poses great challenge going forward.

But “When the solution is simple, G-d is answering,” said Albert Ein­stein. Today, we plant seeds. We plan.

At our Annual Meeting I will ask you to talk about a careful but deliberate three-year plan. Together, we will advance our priorities. We will seize opportunities. We will plan for a more connected, a more compelling and a more member-fo­cused Jewish ecosystem.

Yes, we will also share food and wine. And we will report on our progress over the past year. But, we will also plan.

In our world, a sacred community is formed when relationships are deemed to be paramount, where worship is engaging, where every­one is learning and no one is left behind. So, your presence at the Annual Meeting on the 16th is im­portant. We want to talk with you.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Moshe Kruger
Executive Director
574-233-1164 x1802

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