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So Others May Live: The Insider Story of a IDF Special Forces Rescue Paramedic

Sunday, August 15, 2021
11:00 am12:00 pm

Please join us for this virtual event with Guy M. a combat paramedic in the elite rescue unit of the Israel Air Force: Unit 669.

You will be sitting at the edge of your seat as Guy M., author of the Hebrew best seller “From Zero to One Hundred”, divulges his one-of-a-kind, coming to age story as an elite combat paramedic in the IDF Unit 669. (His last name cannot be revealed due to security considerations).

Using unclassified materials, Guy tells the intimate story of a special forces rescue team and how its members reach beyond what they thought was humanly possible, to perform acts of modern-day heroism.

Unit 669 soldiers are highly trained special forces, considered to be among the most physically and psychologically demanding units of the IDF. Due to the nature of the unit, the unit must be prepared for the most precarious situations, thus life and death decisions are often made under fire.

Guy’s compelling story unfolds throughout the lecture and includes personal observations and military insights into national rescue operations and cross border humanitarian efforts. The audience will be guided through dramatic rescues and covert operations by land and sea. The lecture weaves personal beliefs and experiences, with IDF values, and how to use these lessons to deal with dilemmas when reality surpasses all imagination.

The event is sponsored thanks to generous support from the Consulate of Israel in Chicago

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