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June 2022

Our Community News

At the lightning-like pace of a world in constant flux, the past two years have assured us of one thing – the future is hard to predict.

Even with deliberate and informed community input, knowing what’s on the horizon and being prepared for it, is tricky work. But, as farmers will tell you, there are things we can do.

Springtime greetings, OCN readers. Have your wands at the ready, for what I bring to share with you today is pure magic…kitchen magic! In truth, it’s basic chemistry…but why let all those dull dreary details get in our way?

My Chaplaincy internship took place in a local Nursing/Rehabilitation Home. While it wasn’t the first nursing home that I entered in my Rabbinical career, I learned a great deal about people during my internship, among them, that every person needs to feel independent. That drive to be independent in how we care and think for ourselves is vital to our lives. It’s what makes us individuals, it’s what makes us who we are.

When I had to set the menu for Yom Ha’Atzmaut this year, I had no doubt this cake would be on the menu. Not only is it delicious and easy to make - it sums up the Israeli essence - The ‘Chafif’ culture. The Chafif culture is everything from the “relax! it will be fine” to the lack of thinking things through, rounding of corners and leaving loose ends. We Israelis pay a heavy price for the Chafif culture, at both personal and at the national levels. That being said, the Chafif culture is also the key to unlock Israeli innovation, from the establishment of the state in record time, to the insanely flourishing Israeli startups. The improvisational ability and creativity of the Israeli people, seems like an evolution of a messy, innovative people! This cake is a perfect example of that: a little bit cream, a little bit chocolate and biscuits, Chafif-no-bake, and it is absolutely delicious!

The last week of this April provided examples of two alternative directions for the future of the Middle East. This year, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan happened to coincide with Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. According to their tradition, we saw the leadership of Iran hold their Quds Day event on the last Friday of Ramadan with their traditional calls for the destruction of Israel. By stark contrast, on the occasion of the “March of the Living” in Poland, delegations of Arabs from both Israel and across the Middle East marched in solidarity with over 2,500 Jews from around the world to commemorate the Holocaust at Auschwitz.

We’re racing and pacing and plotting the course, fighting and biting and riding on our horse…

So maybe this “Cake” song doesn’t exactly fit here, but it does describe how we are ‘Going the Distance’ to prepare for Camp Ideal this summer! Camp is on the brain for all of the JFed staff, and I couldn’t be more excited for summer to begin! A few updates about what’s going on at the Federation before I cover some great programs we have coming up.

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