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The Racism Connection to the Holocaust

How the origins and evolution of the “science” of Eugenics gave credence to the ideology of the Holocaust.  This talk assumes enough understanding of the events of the Holocaust to focus on the question of “Why?”

Sid Shroyer

Sid Shroyer is the former director of education at Temple Beth-El, South Bend. He taught the elective language arts class he developed, "Themes in Literature: The Holocaust," at New Prairie High School, New Carlisle, Indiana, from 2001 to 2014.  Mr. Shroyer's training includes United States Holocaust Memorial Museum teacher workshops in Washington, D.C., The Olga Lengyel Institute (Memorial Library) in New York City, and with The Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teacher program in Israel, Germany, and Poland. Now retired from New Prairie, Sid brings the story of his high school Holocaust teaching experience to an adult education class at Forever Learning called Lessons of the Holocaust. He is a past president and presently a member of the Board of the Kurt and Tessye Simon Fund for Holocaust Remembrance, Temple Beth-El.

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