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October 2021

Minute With Moshe

Shalom Haverim!
The High Holidays came early this year. A time of immense introspection about the year that was and the year that will be. For many Jews, the concept of teshuvah – repentance – includes not just making a personal accounting of past behavior but also asking ourselves what we must do in the future. In this Minute with Moshe, as we begin the new year, I ask that we examine our commitments to the Jewish community from two perspectives.

  1. We know our lives are precarious, so we build communities that support the young, old, infirm, the immigrant, and the stranger. When we stumble or fall, the community is there to lift our loved ones and us from tragedy and despair. 
  2. We also engage in community building to enrich Jewish life based on cherished values of B’tzelem Elokim, we are made in the divine image, K’hillah, community, and V’ahavta l’rekha, loving your neighbor.

Tzedakah, planned giving is also fundamental to an authentic Jewish life and ties a tight knot between the two perspectives of building community. In examining our commitments to the Jewish community, a thoughtful program of Tzedakah sustains the Jewish Federation for today, tomorrow, and the future, maximizing the impact of your giving. 

Several gift planning tools can provide significant support for the Federation beyond what would be possible with a check and offer tax benefits to you. Because the Federation is a tax-exempt charity, certain assets that would be subject to significant income tax could be given in a way that helps minimize tax and maximize your gift. With this in mind, I invite you to join the Legacy Society.  

In thinking about what would be a meaningful planned giving, you may wish to consider the advantages of utilizing one or more of the methods in the below ad with your financial advisor

A key element of our Jewish tradition is sharing our customs and values from one generation to another. The Jewish Federation is your local partner in ensuring that your commitment to the Jewish people is implemented most effectively. The Legacy Society is a critical way to ensure ongoing support for the Jewish community and that your values continue to be honored today and in the future.

I’ll be very pleased to personally answer any questions that you might have about the Legacy Society and other innovative gifting to your Federation. 

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