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February 2022

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Minute With Moshe

Innovation – A Team Sport
Innovation means different things to different people. As a community-based, mission-driven organization, the Federation’s mindset for innovation is to create something new or different that delivers value to our world and community. Our key criteria: we are not innovating if we are not bettering the lives of our community members. 

How do we ignite innovation to benefit our community? I like to think of innovation as a team sport. My definition of team sport is getting more community members engaged. Studies show diverse perspectives help organizations come up with winning innovations.

Often, what proves to be the most challenging part of my conversations with community members is coaxing the innovative talent from those who self-identify as “not creative.” Most of the time, it’s not that we are not creative; it’s that those particular muscles haven’t been exercised. 

Many readers may agree, the last substantial innovation involving our community was over 20 years ago when we broke ground for the Federation’s community center. It’s not surprising that we’re a bit out of shape.

For our part, your Fed Team is working hard to up our game. Over the last two years, during the tumult of the pandemic, we’ve been training for change. Our robust regimen included working through how we organize, solve problems, and re-imagining just about everything. When we look in the mirror, the results look pretty good – but there’s still lots of room for improvement.

So, let’s make a New Year resolution to get in shape and flex our innovative muscles. We’re offering “team workouts” in a series of Zoom meetings on Monday evenings, and we hope you will consider attending one or more of them.

Executive Town Hall

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Please join me in one or more Zoom town-halls I’ll be hosting on Monday evenings, February 7, 14, 21, 28, at 6:30 PM.

Do you prefer a solo workout? We’ve got you covered. Call or e-mail me and I will be delighted to hear your thoughts and brainstorm as to how we can better serve individuals, families, and institutions in our Jewish community. 

Let’s stretch our civic muscles. Together we can up our game.  Everyone wins!

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